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Hybrid Search 2.0: The Pursuit of Better Search

A Journey of Learning, Improvement, and the Quest for the Ultimate Hybrid Search System Photo by bert b on Unsplash The idea of combining the strength of text and vector search has gained momentum in the field of search systems as a

Designing Operations Research Solutions: A User-friendly Routing Application with Streamlit

From mathematical models to software engineering in Python Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash Bridging the gap between theory and applications is essential in Operations Research and Data Science. Whereas theoretical foundations form the core of optimization solutions as they provide

Create Galactic Art with Tkinter

Model Mother Nature with Logarithmic Spirals Continue reading on Towards Data Science »

Orca: Properly Imitating Proprietary LLMs

Leveraging imitation to create high-quality, open-source LLMs… Continue reading on Towards Data Science »

16, 8, and 4-bit Floating Point Formats — How Does it Work?

Let’s go into bits and bytes Continue reading on Towards Data Science »

Linear Algebra 2: Echelon Matrix Forms

Image from Europeana on Unsplash Row echelon form and reduced row echelon form Preface Welcome back to the second essay of my ongoing series on the basics of Linear Algebra, the foundational math behind machine learning. In my previous article, I introduced

Two Powerful Python Features to Streamline Your Code and Make It More Readable

Enhance your code quality with the beauty of match statements and object slicing. Continue reading on Towards Data Science »

GenAI for Better NLP Systems I: A Tool for Generating Synthetic Data

Experimenting with the usage of GenAI for generating and augmenting synthetic data using Python for Prompt Engineering Continue reading on Towards Data Science »

A (Philosophical) Perspective on Skills Gaps in AI

What separates junior machine learning practitioners from senior solution architects in a fast-moving industry? Frustrations are natural in machine learning, but also avoidable. Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels.com. Although there is no shortage of AI courses available, we often

Deep dive into pandas Copy-on-Write mode — part III

Deep Dive into Pandas Copy-on-Write Mode — Part III Explaining the migration path for Copy-on-Write Photo by Zoe Nicolaou on Unsplash Introduction The introduction of Copy-on-Write (CoW) is a breaking change that will have some impact on existing pandas code. We will investigate how