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Bias, Toxicity, and Jailbreaking Large Language Models (LLMs)

A review of recent research on concerning characteristics of LLMs Continue reading on Towards Data Science »

Can AI solve your problem?

Three simple heuristics for recognising AI eligible project ideas Image by TheDigitalArtist on pixabay. In a product organisation aiming to build AI capabilities into their products and services, there is always the challenge of bringing the non-AI-literates onboard the AI train. While

Knowledge Graphs, Hardware Choices, Python Workflows, and Other November Must-Reads

We’re entering the final stretch of another eventful year for data and machine learning professionals. Many of you are making one last push to learn new skills, catch up with recent research, or prepare for your next career move before

PyTorch Introduction —Tensors and Tensor Calculations

Learn about Tensors and how to use them in one of the most famous machine learning libraries, pytorch Continue reading on Towards Data Science »

What Role Should AI Play in Healthcare?

On the use of machine learning in healthcare and the United Healthcare AI scandal Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash Some of you may know that I am a sociologist by training — to be exact, I studied medical sociology in graduate school.

Combine Multiple LoRA Adapters for Llama 2

Add skills to your LLM without fine-tuning new adapters Continue reading on Towards Data Science »

Avoid Overfitting in Neural Networks: a Deep Dive

Learn how to implement regularization techniques to boost performances and prevent Neural Network overfitting. Continue reading on Towards Data Science »

Data Engineering Interview Questions

Tips to prepare for a job interview Continue reading on Towards Data Science »

Introduction to Data Manipulation in R with {dplyr}

Learn to use the {dplyr} package in R which helps you to solve the most common data manipulation challenges Continue reading on Towards Data Science »

Cognitive Biases in Data Science: The Category-Size Bias

A data scientist’s guide to outsmarting biases Continue reading on Towards Data Science »