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TiDE: the ‘embarrassingly’ simple MLP that beats Transformers

A deep exploration of TiDE, its implementation using Darts and a real life use case comparison with DeepAR (a Transformer architecture) As industries continue to evolve, the importance of an accurate forecasting becomes a non-negotiable asset wether you work in

Vanishing & Exploding Gradient Problem: Neural Networks 101

How to ensure your neural network doesn’t “die” or “blow-up” Continue reading on Towards Data Science »

Control AI Costs Through Agile Data Science Project Management

A blueprint for running an agile data science organization Introduction The world of data science is complex, with hidden costs that go beyond budgetary limits. Data scientists are a significant investment for any organization. Unfortunately, inefficiencies like idle infrastructure can

Using Slope Charts to Simplify Your Data Visualization

Simplify your overwhelmed charts by using slope charts: a tutorial in Python Altair Continue reading on Towards Data Science »

What Is Partial Information Decomposition and How Features Interact

How information about a target variable is distributed across its multiple features Photo by Alina Grubnyak, via Unsplash. When a target variable is influenced by multiple sources of information, it is crucial (and yet not trivial) to understand how each source

How Reliable Is a Ratio?

Learn how to assess how reliable a ratio really is using Empirical Bayes Analysis in Python Continue reading on Towards Data Science »

What Is the Probability That Two Persons Have the Same Initials?

Learn how to use simulations, replications, and for loops in R to answer many probability questions Continue reading on Towards Data Science »

Entertainment Data Science: Streaming vs. Theatrical

As different as it is similar Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash In my Next Frontiers in Entertainment Data Science article on Toward Data Science, I refer to how data science can be applied at various phases of the content lifecycle, from

Deploy a Custom ML Model as a SageMaker Endpoint

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash SageMaker Endpoint Deployment A quick and easy guide for creating an AWS SageMaker endpoint for your model Developing a machine learning (ML) model involves key steps, from data collection to model deployment. After refining algorithms

Simulation Optimization: Helping My Friend Model and Optimize His Company’s Support Desk

Generated by DreamStudio. A story about the creation of a Simulation Optimization model to help streamline support desk staffing. Introduction It started as a fairly simple request. My friend, who helps run and operate a support center, was having some