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25 ChatGPT Prompts to Scale Your Business

The difference between a $10k per month business and a $100k per month business usually boils down to one thing:

The ability to scale.

Scaling a business is a tricky hurdle that all entrepreneurs will face when trying to take their business to the next level. 

To scale successfully, you’re going to have to make some tricky decisions. Fortunately, there are tried and tested frameworks that can help you make better decisions. 

In this article, we’ll share 25 ChatGPT template prompts you can copy and paste to make better decisions and take your business (and income) to the next level.

I want to use ChatGPT to scale my business…

When you start using ChatGPT, you won’t be able to stop. In this article, we’ll give you 25+ entry-level prompts to help you scale your business.

We’ll be covering prompts in relation to each of the following areas (so skip to the bit you’re most interested in):

Business Strategy and Decision FrameworksCustomer Experience and DesignMarketing StrategiesRisk Assessment and Operational EfficiencyBehavioral Economics

Business Strategy and Decision Frameworks

Viral Loop Strategy

Prompt: “Use Viral Loop Strategy to assess [my business decision]. Construct a process where existing users help in recruiting new ones. How could this self-propagating loop enhance growth and conversion rates?”

Adaptive Leadership Framework

Prompt: “Apply the Adaptive Leadership Framework to [my business decision]. Focus on identifying adaptive challenges, regulating distress, and deploying yourself. How does this framework guide the decision-making process?”

First Mover vs. Fast Follower Strategy

Prompt: “Utilize the First Mover vs. Fast Follower Strategy to evaluate [my business decision]. Assess the advantages of being an industry pioneer against the benefits of learning from others’ experiences. What approach fits best with the business objectives?”

Reframing Business Perspectives

Prompt: “Apply Reframing Business Perspectives to analyze [my business decision]. Look at the problem from different angles, challenging the existing beliefs. What new insights and solutions can this process uncover?”

Ethical Decision Making

Prompt: “Utilize Ethical Decision Making to assess [my business decision]. Consider moral principles, societal norms, and business ethics. How can aligning with ethical standards foster trust and long-term success?”

Innovation Ambition Matrix

Prompt: “Evaluate [my business decision] through the Innovation Ambition Matrix. Plot initiatives on a matrix to balance core enhancements, adjacent opportunities, and transformational innovations. How can this strategic balance drive sustainable growth?”

Open Innovation Strategies

Prompt: “Apply Open Innovation Strategies to [my business decision]. Embrace external ideas, collaboration, and pathways to market. How can fostering this open environment lead to novel solutions and competitive advantage?”

Lean Startup Principles

Prompt: “Apply Lean Startup Principles to [my business decision]. Focus on creating a minimum viable product, measuring its success, and learning from the results. How can this iterative approach accelerate development and reduce risks?”

Holacracy Organizational Structure

Prompt: “Evaluate [my business decision] using the Holacracy Organizational Structure. Implement a self-management practice that distributes authority. How can this structure foster agility and innovation within the company?”

Customer Experience and Design

Kano Model Analysis

Prompt: “Evaluate [my business decision] using the Kano Model Analysis. Prioritize customer needs into basic, performance, and excitement categories. How can satisfying these diverse needs lead to increased customer satisfaction?”

Service Blueprinting

Prompt: “Analyze [my business decision] with Service Blueprinting. Map out the service process visually, emphasizing the user interaction. How can this method ensure a coherent and effective service experience?”

Responsive Web Design Implementation

Prompt: “Apply Responsive Web Design Implementation to [my business decision]. Assess how adapting the layout to various devices enhances user experience. How can this approach cater to a wider audience?”

Marketing Strategies

Multichannel Marketing Approach

Prompt: “Use the Multichannel Marketing Approach to evaluate [my business decision]. Develop a strategy that communicates through various channels cohesively. How can this unified approach enhance customer engagement?”

Customer Persona Building

Prompt: “Utilize Customer Persona Building to evaluate [my business decision]. Define specific customer archetypes with detailed attributes and needs. How can this tailored approach improve targeting and personalization?”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

Prompt: “Use SEO Strategy to analyze [my business decision]. Focus on improving online visibility through organic search engine results. What methods can be employed to drive more traffic and rank higher?”

Multi-Touch Attribution Models

Prompt: “Use Multi-Touch Attribution Models to analyze [my business decision]. Consider how various marketing channels contribute to a conversion. How can understanding this complex journey lead to more informed investment decisions?”

Consumer Behavior Analysis

Prompt: “Use Consumer Behavior Analysis to evaluate [my business decision]. Dive into the psychological, personal, and social influences on consumer choices. How can these insights refine marketing strategies and product design?”

Hyper-Personalization Strategy

Prompt: “Use Hyper-Personalization Strategy to evaluate [my business decision]. Leverage data and AI to provide an extremely personalized experience. How can this in-depth personalization enhance customer engagement and loyalty?”

Brand Ecosystem Development

Prompt: “Utilize Brand Ecosystem Development to assess [my business decision]. Build a network of interrelated products, services, and stakeholders. How can this ecosystem enhance customer loyalty and expand market reach?”

Freemium Business Model

Prompt: “Apply the Freemium Business Model to [my business decision]. Explore offering basic services for free while charging for premium features. How can this model attract new users and convert them into paying customers?”

Jobs to Be Done Framework

Prompt: “Assess [my business decision] by applying the Jobs to Be Done Framework. Focus on the problems customers are trying to solve. How can understanding these underlying needs guide product development and positioning?”

Risk Assessment and Operational Efficiency


Scenario Stress Testing

Prompt: “Assess [my business decision] by applying Scenario Stress Testing. Create different stress scenarios to analyze how the decision withstands various pressures. What does this reveal about potential vulnerabilities and resilience?”

Scalability Analysis

Prompt: “Evaluate [my business decision] through Scalability Analysis. Identify the ability of the system to handle increased load efficiently. How can understanding scalability influence future growth and sustainability?”

Experience Curve Effects

Prompt: “Utilize Experience Curve Effects to assess [my business decision]. Consider how increased production can lead to cost advantages. How can leveraging this knowledge improve competitiveness?”

Behavioral Economics

Behavioral Economics Principles

Prompt: “Apply Behavioral Economics Principles to analyze [my business decision]. Consider how cognitive, emotional, and social factors affect economic decisions. How can leveraging these insights lead to more effective strategies?”

I’m looking for some more advanced ChatGPT prompts

If you want to see some more advanced ChatGPT prompts that you can use to scale your business, make sure you check out this article.

It shares three exercises used by Alex Hormozi to scale the businesses in his portfolio of companies, and the ChatGPT prompts you can copy and paste to apply these exercises directly to your business.

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